JBS Bulletin: April 2023

Rein In Big Government With Nullification

Nullify the WHO’s Power Grabs

by Peter Rykowski, Research Associate and Bulletin Editor

In last year’s June and July Bulletins, we informed you that the World Health Organization (WHO) and its member nations were negotiating a global pandemic treaty and amendments to its International Health Regulations (IHR). Now, nearly a year later, they are moving forward with these efforts — and we must take action to stop them.

In February, the WHO released a “zero draft” of its proposed pandemic accord. For an in-depth look at the provisions in this draft, go to According to a WHO press release, the international organization aims to have a final draft in place by 2024.

Although Congress must act to stop this globalist scheme — and legislation to do so has been introduced, as our federal alert notes at — state officials, including legislators, also have both the ability and a duty to nullify it in their respective states.

Article VI of the U.S. Constitution declares that state legislators, executive officials, and judges “shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution.” Article VI also states, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof … shall be the supreme Law of the Land.” Any law or action that contradicts the Constitution cannot be “made in Pursuance thereof” and, thus, is not “the supreme Law of the Land” — and state officials are duty-bound to nullify such laws or actions.

Under Article VI, unconstitutional treaties and international agreements — including the WHO’s pandemic treaty and IHR amendments — also are null and void. Again, state legislators have a duty to nullify them.

Accordingly, contact your state legislators and urge them to nullify the WHO’s power grabs along with all other unconstitutional laws, edicts, and actions. For an easy way to contact your state legislators, you can use our legislative alert “Nullify the WHO’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’ and IHR Amendments” at

A common response you will receive when contacting your state legislators is, “this is a federal matter, so contact Congress instead.” Wrong. As noted above and in our many nullification materials, this is a state matter just as much as it is a federal matter — and we must educate state legislators about their duty to enforce the U.S. Constitution.

To educate both your legislators and fellow citizens on this issue, distribute the “Nullification: The Founders’ Solution to Federal Overreach” pamphlet and “Nullification: What States Can Do” slim jim. We recommend doing this via literature drops, legislative days, and related chapter activities.

Also, show your legislators copies of nullification bills already introduced in other states, and urge them to introduce the same legislation in your state. For example, legislation in Iowa and Wyoming — at and, respectively — to nullify the WHO has been introduced and can be used to inform your state legislators.