JBS Bulletin: May 2023

Get US Out! of the United Nations

Conspiratorial Stage Setting

by John F. McManus, President Emeritus

In 1919, the U.S. Senate refused to have our nation join the newly proposed League of Nations. That decision was a blow to President Woodrow Wilson and his pro-world-government mentor, Edward Mandell House. The Senate’s refusal to go along with our nation’s world-government promoters led them to form the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and its influential journal, Foreign Affairs. From the outset, the CFR and its publication dutifully helped set the stage for another world-government organization, the United Nations.

From the 1920s onward, Foreign Affairs succeeded in gaining many partisans for a world government among so-called intellectuals. But, what about the American people, who overwhelmingly remained loyal to the idea of undiluted national sovereignty? They had to be persuaded that not only was world government a good idea, but it would also be a needed step toward ending wars and their dreadful consequences. If America were attacked militarily, a military response with all its might would be expected, even demanded. So, an attack and its predictable response happened. Several days after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, our nation declared war on Japan, and Germany and Italy then declared war on the United States as called for under the Tripartite Pact. With the United States declaring war in response, the stage leading to world government was taking shape. Later, when a remarkably fearful type of new weapon — the atomic bomb — was employed, world-government advocates gained another method to build public favor for their stage-managed plan. World governance is needed, the argument goes, to avoid a nuclear war that could result in global annihilation.

Space doesn’t allow for more than briefly mentioning the following successful campaigns that helped build the stage where America is entangled in the United Nations.

1. Months prior to the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt ordered our nation’s Pacific Fleet Commander, Admiral James O. Richardson, to move the vessels he commanded from California to Hawaii (Pearl Harbor). In 1940, the admiral attempted to have the directive cancelled, even traveling to Washington to explain his awareness of Japanese intentions to the president. Roosevelt responded by removing Admiral Richardson from his command. The admiral’s resistance saved U.S. aircraft carriers from destruction when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Those carriers were decisive in weakening Japan’s intentions.

2. President Roosevelt knew from captured Japanese radio transmissions that Japan’s naval fleet was on its way toward Hawaii in early December 1941. He and like-minded U.S. officials failed to notify the army and navy commanders who were later severely disciplined for not being ready to respond to what Roosevelt termed a “surprise” attack. The American people were thereby encouraged to support war on two fronts, the Pacific and Europe.

3. From the very beginning of the World War II hostilities, U.S. diplomats began meeting with Soviet counterparts and similar officials from other others to create a new world-government organization. As casualties from the two war fronts (Europe and the Pacific) began impacting public opinion in America, more Americans were persuaded to accept such proposals. Instead of fewer wars, future military action in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan — all quietly directed by the new UN — turned out to be stalemates or downright losses. Chapter VIII of the UN Charter shows how those wars set the stage for advanced transfer of American independence to the world body.

4. World War II in the Pacific ended days after the use of the atomic bomb against the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. About 200,000 Japanese noncombatants perished in a single attack. That dramatic new weapon prompted a future Japanese diplomat to point out that a demonstration of the awesome power of atomic weaponry over the nearby ocean would have ended any resistance for Japan to surrender and end the war. It was later discovered that Japanese officials were anxiously trying to surrender many months before actual fighting had ceased.

Building the Stage for Acceptance of World Government Continues

These steps set the stage for the United States and other nations to accept more control by the United Nations. The almost-completed edifice being erected will continue to cancel or ignore our Constitution’s limitations on government power and its protection of God-given, unalienable rights.

Another portion of the path leading to totalitarian world government may well be replacement of the U.S. dollar with a world currency. Together with horrendous national indebtedness, lies and deliberately contrived phony steps claiming to combat inflation amount to more planks in the building of total control of nations and their peoples, including our own. There is great need for awareness of the attack on freedom via fraudulent economics. If not stopped, these lies and distortions of economic reality will lead to unaware Americans — and people in other lands — docilely accepting enslavement to an unchallengeable world government.

What to do? How to forestall what is being planned? Everyone already involved in the freedom movement must enlist others in the campaign to retain liberty. In addition to contacting Congress in favor of reintroducing and enacting the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, encourage others to do the same. Share with them JBS’s legislative alert on this topic, at Also, distribute the JBS/TNA reprints “The UN Founding and Founders” and “Top Ten Reasons Why the U.S. Should Get Out of the UN” to further inform your fellow citizens of the UN’s threat to liberty and national sovereignty.

The plans of those seeking world government advocates must be exposed and rejected, and we must act to preserve our freedom and national independence. Please increase your activity to Get US Out!, because there is little time to reverse the diabolical plans of the enemy.