JBS Bulletin: June 2023

Birching 101

Distributing the Freedom Index and Scorecards

by Robert Owens, Program Director

Question: How do we distribute the Freedom Index and Scorecards?

Answer: JBS founder Robert Welch had a masterful understanding of the true nature of the problem and the solution regarding our nation’s present state of affairs. He said, “There will be no accountability at any level of politics until there is accountability at the electorate level.”  When you take this nugget of wisdom and join it together with the political axiom that “sunlight is the best disinfectant,” the result you get is the Freedom Index.

The Freedom Index is a report card of every member of the U.S. House and Senate based on the constitutionality of their votes. The Congressional and state Legislative Scorecards are a special program by The John Birch Society that individualizes the Freedom Index votes for specific U.S. representatives and senators, along with state legislators in all 50 states, enabling you to highlight your legislators’ voting records in your community. These are powerful tools if employed correctly.

I recommend following the “Scorecard Power Pyramid” concept ( to educate voters, opinion molders, and other influencers throughout your congressional district and state. Starting at the base or foundation of the pyramid, begin by passing out copies of the Scorecards in your community pursuant to the JBS’s 100/10/6 program ( — when doing this, include your chapter’s contact information, along with an invitation to a chapter event where people can learn more and get connected with the JBS. Then work your way up the pyramid, educating the different levels of influencers. As you work your way up, you will generate more and more momentum with each level of influence.

By the time your legislators’ staff or aides see copies of their bosses’ Scorecard, everyone will already be talking about it. At that point, the legislators will be unable to avoid having their voting record on key issues, along with the associated cost per household of the particular bills they voted on (when applicable), from being known throughout their district or the state.

Before you engage in public distribution of the Freedom Index and Scorecards, be sure to read the documents to be ready to answer questions. A good way to build confidence is to role-play your “elevator speech” with fellow chapter members, and even to role-play asking and answering questions.

Ultimately, through experience, you should learn what practices and strategies work best in your particular area. For example, how you distribute the Congressional and Legislative Scorecards in Wyoming might be vastly different than how you would distribute them in New Jersey.

Once you successfully master a personal Scorecard campaign, consider a chapter-level campaign or even an ad hoc committee to bring in nonmembers to assist your chapter’s efforts. You can also adapt the Scorecards into newspaper or billboard ads.

Through educating the electorate with tools like the Freedom Index and Scorecards, we can change the voting record of congressmen and state legislators — or change them if they refuse to abide by the Constitution.