JBS Bulletin: June 2023

Stop Agenda 2030

Educate Others About Property Rights

by Arthur R. Thompson, CEO Emeritus

The use of eminent domain is a mixed bag. On principle it is anathema, yet it is important for building highways, bridges, and other infrastructure. However, it has been severely misused against property owners and the whole idea of property rights to the advantage of a few — or, in the case of carbon-capture pipelines in the Midwestern states, for a cause which will not only diminish property rights, but the environmental safety of all life as we know it by burying CO2 under ground.

We do not want to get into the science of the controversy herein. Rather, we take up the issue of property rights, an important aspect of Americanism under attack. A wider understanding of what property rights are and how important they were to the Founders of our country will go a long way toward stopping what is increasingly happening across the country. We urge you to get a copy of the book Property Rights: As Sacred as the Laws of God, which in simple, easy-to-read terms tells the story of property rights and how the very essence of the American system was based on them.

This book was written due to the realization that even the best of conservatives have lost their understanding of property rights — as well as other basics of American Exceptionalism.

Just this year, the legislatures of Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota, among other states, rejected legislation to curtail eminent domain for carbon-capture pipelines. The problems being manifested — not only in the Midwest, but around the country — would be greatly alleviated if the people had a better understanding of property rights and how important they are to liberty.

Indeed, the erosion of property rights is the history of the deterioration of Americanism. These rights began to deteriorate due to the Louisiana Purchase, a fact not taught in American schools. A wide readership of Property Rights will go a long way toward producing an understanding of these rights and how they are essential to liberty. In this manner, more people will be susceptible to learning about the issues that are driving the battle in Iowa, the Dakotas, and other areas where the so-called environmental issue is destroying private-property rights and other aspects of liberty.

We recommend distributing to state legislators copies of Property Rights. Also give them copies of our Agenda 2030-related materials, including the Agenda 2030 and You booklet and the “How Does Agenda 2030 Affect You?” pamphlet. You can find these and other materials at Also have these materials available at any chapter events you hold — it is essential that both legislators and fellow citizens have an adequate understanding of property rights.

Also, consider forming a “Stop Agenda 2030” ad hoc committee, if you or your chapter haven’t done so. This will help bring in more people to work with you, multiplying your efforts and helping you and your chapter more effectively educate others about property rights.

Editor’s note: We also recommend that your chapter book Art Thompson as a speaker on the subject of private property, based on our book. You can do this at This presentation has been well received by audiences.