JBS Bulletin: August 2023


Work to Create Sufficient Understanding

by William S. Hahn, Chief Executive Officer

“All we need to win this struggle with the Communists is to create sufficient understanding of what they are doing. Yet the evidence surrounds us on every side.” JBS founder Robert Welch wrote this in the November 1966 Bulletin to remind members of the importance of keeping our eye on the ball and staying active to create that sufficient understanding.

In this sufficient understanding, we must include our solutions and how others can be part of them. We must offer action with education in order to avoid frustrating others because, as the saying goes, “Action without education leads to fanaticism. Education without action leads to frustration.” This quote, listed in the June 1969 issue of American Opinion, is attributed to JBS National Director of Public Relations Reed Benson.

Indeed, just as Mr. Welch’s quote was true in 1966, today we also see evidence surrounding us on every side — the deplorable decline of morality, the continual degradation of rights, the brazen operation of government outside of its limitations, and citizens and government officials falling in lockstep with world-government bodies that circumvent American independence and sovereignty. The good news is that the Conspiracy is more apparent to the masses than ever before. The bad news is that it has progressed far enough that the conspirators are barely concealing their work.

But let’s not get discouraged. In a recent episode of The New American TV, we discussed whether it is inevitable that the Conspiracy will achieve its endgame. The answer should be obvious since, as JBS leaders have pointed out for quite some time, the efforts of The John Birch Society have caused the timetable of the Insiders to be thrown off by decades. What was originally slated for 1976 continues to be pushed down the road. Let’s point out that the endgame we are referring to is the installation of world government under a New World Order. It can only come when the destruction of the Americanist system is complete, when American exceptionalism is done, gone, and buried.

So, let’s stay motivated. At this time, the Americanist system is largely intact on paper, and less so in practice. Yet, it’s the implementation of the system that is key. What Washington is destroying can oftentimes thrive in the states and localities. The creator needs to understand its role in controlling its creation. Just because a decree goes out from the federal government doesn’t mean We the People must bow to it. As Article VI of the Constitution demands, the federal decree must meet certain constitutional criteria: federal laws made in pursuance of the Constitution are the law of the land. It doesn’t say all federal laws are the law of the land, but only those made according to the limitations of the government. If that is not met, the law or decree is null and void. Sound extreme? Not according to Alexander Hamilton, who wrote in The Federalist, No. 33, “acts … which are not pursuant to its constitutional powers … will be merely acts of usurpation, and will deserve to be treated as such.”

Thomas Jefferson followed that with his Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, which said, “But, where powers are assumed which have not been delegated … every State has a natural right in cases not within the compact … to nullify….”

Again, this is all intact in the Constitution. It has not been rewritten, though it has been slightly watered down. However, the concept of nullification is constitutionally sound and is being used when legislators understand their role in utilizing this tool.

Whether they know and use this depends largely on you. After all, we are an “educational army,” as Mr. Welch described it, and an army must be kept active, either drilling or in battle, led by our fearless field staff and chapter leaders. The agenda and material support comes from HQ, and members are asked to carry it out to the best of their ability.

Chapters must have a plan of attack if they are to be successful. Right? It’s like going on a cross-country trip without a map or sense of direction. How do you know you’ve arrived when you don’t know where you are going? “Have a plan or plan to fail,” as is pointed out in some of our leadership manuals.

Knowing we are approaching the end of summer and heading into fall, what goals does your chapter have? Recruiting goals should be covered by working your 100/10/6 plan. Community outreach goals could be to book a designated speaker from the chapter with local organizations, clubs, and church groups that are looking to fill fall speaking slots at upcoming meetings. We have several professionally designed PowerPoint presentations that your field coordinator can share, especially those related to our top action projects.

Additional outreach can include literature distribution. Since election season is starting to gear up, there will be plenty of interest from the electorate in knowing the constitutional adherence of elected officials at the state and federal levels. Print and distribute Scorecards in constituent districts. Include in the literature drop a flyer to a future event for the public, such as an upcoming Constitution Is the Solution workshop, a scheduled Speakers Bureau presentation or webinar, a video showing of Overview of America, or any videos related to our action projects (perhaps our TNA video interviews of South Dakota and Iowa farmers).

Chapter activities should also include regularly visiting state legislators and their aides at their local offices to ensure their support in rescinding any standing calls to apply for a constitutional convention, to vote down any proposed convention resolutions, and to use nullification to correct federal overreach. Look for opportunities within the process to generate and apply pressure where and when needed. Be sure to share the legislator interviews on the Stop a Con-Con action-project page, at, so they know what other legislators are experiencing.

Let’s not get too distracted by the 2024 presidential campaign season, which will certainly be one big soap opera. It’s what we do in our local communities through our chapters that will make the biggest difference. Let’s create a local bulwark of freedom that can help avoid many federal problems and create that sufficient understanding.

The Founding Fathers proved that an “irate, tireless minority” can win the big battle through education and organization. And we’ve proved time and time again that daunting odds are no match for an active, organized membership.

Don’t forget that our 2023 Leadership Conference will take place next month, September 8-9, in Des Moines, Iowa. It will feature speakers and workshops on our most important action projects and is geared toward helping you become a more effective activist. You can find more information in the ad on page 4. We hope to see you there!

Also, a final note that our appeal letters for The John Birch Society and The New American are going out with some exciting incentives. Please give as generously as you can. This directly impacts how much we can advance plans to further the mission. Thank you for all that you do!