JBS Bulletin: August 2023

JBS Successes

Build Your Network to Save Our Republic

by Matthew Rhodes, Field Coordinator for New England

There is no secret to success in The John Birch Society. The plan to save this great Republic was laid out by our founder, Robert Welch, over 60 years ago. Mr. Welch, realizing that the globalist cabal already had agents within our own government and that America’s resources were being used toward its own demise, was impelled to take action by forming the JBS.

One organization intent on destroying our constitutional Republic is Convention of States (COS). To look at the COS as simply a misguided political PAC is a fatal mistake. COS is just as much an enemy of freedom as the United Nations or World Economic Forum, and it should be treated as such. It is in this frame of mind that you will find the obvious lies and deceptions in its arguments for a constitutional convention.

In Maine and New Hampshire, COS and other pro-Con-Con groups have tried to pass resolutions applying for a convention. However, not only did we defeat these efforts this year, but majorities in both states’ legislatures voted against them.

We have been able to put the brakes on COS because we created a large network of members, friends, and legislators who will rise to the occasion every time it is needed. We field coordinators must have a statewide social infrastructure, with key contacts in every county and district. These contacts must be people you, the members, have developed a relationship with. They must be part of your life, not people you call only when you want something. While the JBS has legislative alerts with the means to easily contact legislators, you must encourage everyone you know to build personal relationships with your elected officials, along with other people of influence.

What is The John Birch Society? To quote a description of Paul Revere, each of us is “just a cog, although an important one, in an elaborate warning system.” That is what we are.