JBS Bulletin: August 2023

Stop a Con-Con

Work to Rescind in 2024

by Christian Gomez, Research Project Manager

JBS chapters and members in states that have not yet rescinded all of their previous applications to Congress to call an Article V constitutional convention (Con-Con) should actively work to educate their fellow citizens to influence their state legislators to support rescission resolutions.

First, identify state legislators who have either espoused strong opposition to or stopped rescission, especially if a rescission resolution was introduced in your state. Once you have identified a key legislator, print off his Legislative Scorecards from or Find the legislator’s residential address, then saturate the surrounding homes within a one- or two-mile radius with copies of the Scorecards to inform constituents about how he voted.

We recommend using transparent plastic doorknob bags, which you can purchase in lots of 100 at In each bag, include a copy of the legislator’s Scorecard along with literature about the dangers of a Con-Con, such as the “Article V Convention: America’s Answer?” pamphlet; the July 11, 2022 Con-Con Special Report of The New American magazine; or reprints of other Con-Con-related TNA articles from the magazine or online. Be selective in the one or two supplementary articles that you choose to include. Our purpose is not to spam or overload the legislator’s neighbors and constituents with literature, but to provide them with just enough information about the topic to educate and convince them to ask the legislator to do something to stop the Con-Con and save the Constitution, such as supporting rescission. Even if only a small handful of the legislator’s neighbors approach him about rescission, he may think that every constituent in the district received the same literature.

We also recommend scheduling and hosting a Constitution Is the Solution workshop series in that legislator’s district. Include invitations for the planned workshop in the doorknob bags. Also, respectfully contact the legislator’s office and invite him to the workshop series, especially to the last lecture, which specifically addresses the Con-Con topic.

Follow up by scheduling a meeting with the opposed legislator and his staff to share your concerns about a Con-Con and the need to rescind all the state’s previously passed applications. It helps if those attending the meeting include the legislator’s actual constituents, hence it’s a good idea to focus on recruiting new JBS members, passing out JBS/TNA Con-Con literature, and hosting the CITS workshop in the legislator’s district.

Your goal should be to win over that legislator by presenting him with the truth about a Con-Con. An excellent example of a former pro-Con-Con legislator-turned-Con-Con opponent is former Montana state Representative Brad Tschida. After hearing nothing but positive information from the Convention of States (COS) organization about an Article V convention, he happily introduced a resolution applying to Congress for a convention based on the COS model resolution. Within a week of introducing the resolution, Rep. Tschida changed his mind. He hadn’t done his due diligence ahead of time to research all the facts, such as why a convention would be a bad idea. Upon learning the truth, he withdrew support for his own resolution. You can watch and listen to Alex Newman’s interview with Rep. Tschida on at Let’s try to do the same with those legislators roadblocking a rescission resolution from passing in your state’s legislature. The interview is about 20 minutes long and would be ideal to pass on to legislators opposed to or skeptical of rescinding Con-Con applications. Help your state legislators discover the truth to help save the Constitution and keep our Republic.