JBS Bulletin: September 2023

Stop Agenda 2030

Take Action Against Carbon-capture Schemes

by David Giordano, Regional Field Director

On June 6, York, Pennsylvania, Chapter Leader Phil Smith met with state Senator Gene Yaw.  Yaw shared that the “PA Senate is holding an informational meeting tomorrow” on carbon-capture sequestration (CCS). Phil alerted me, and the following day I instructed the new Morgantown Chapter to watch the video “Defending Farmers Against the Agenda 2030 Land Steal” at their chapter meeting. TNA senior editor Rebecca Terrell hit most of the key points in this segment, quickly bringing our members up to speed on the topic. Following the video, each chapter member signed a letter to their state legislators that included the “Fighting Carbon-capture Pipelines: Stopping Environmental Idiocracy” TNA reprint. This was repeated the following night in the Lansdale and Bensalem Chapters. Next, the Huntingdon Valley and Philly Chapters got their letter-writing machine in gear. Western Pennsylvania joined in when Dan Butler’s Franklin Chapter members mailed the carbon-capture reprint to 53 state senators. Even more chapters joined in. Most of this activity occurred within one week, before the bill was even introduced. The bill, S.B. 831 (“Carbon Capture and Sequestration Act”), was introduced a week later, officially putting carbon capture on the table in Pennsylvania. JBS Headquarters was informed of the bill, and an email alert went out to Pennsylvania recipients.

Then, the Bucks County Chapters targeted local farmers while the Morgantown Chapter distributed “Stopping the War on Farmers” pamphlets to farmers at the Green Dragon Famers Market & Auction in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Most of the farmers were not aware of CCS and the war on farmers.

We reached out to patriot groups in the state. A presentation was given to the Lycoming County Patriots in the hometown of Senator Yaw, S.B. 831’s sponsor, and information was also forwarded to Free PA and other freedom groups. Chapter Leader Phil Smith informed a group in York County about carbon capture. Nobody at the meeting was aware of S.B. 831 or what CCS is all about.

How many times have you heard people ask, “what does The John Birch Society do?” These examples show the power of individual chapters working in unison to educate influencers on a critical issue, one that most people weren’t even aware of before the JBS arrived.

This is just the beginning of a long battle in multiple states. We encourage all chapters to follow the example of the Pennsylvania chapters by taking the following actions:

  • Schedule meetings with, and mail letters to, your state legislators opposing Agenda 2030 and carbon-capture schemes. Give them copies of the “Fighting Carbon-Capture Pipelines: Stopping Environmental Idiocracy” TNA reprint and the Agenda 2030 and You booklet.
  • Use the video “Defending Farmers Against the Agenda 2030 Land Steal” ( and the article “Fourth-generation Farmer Battles Carbon-capture Land Grab” (in the August 14, 2023 issue of TNA) to inform others about the carbon-capture pipeline threat. Also watch and share the testimonies of farmers available at
  • Do mass mailings of the “Fighting Carbon-Capture Pipelines: Stopping Environmental Idiocracy” and “No Farmers, No Food” reprints and the “Stopping the War on Farmers” pamphlet to farmers in your county. Include invitations to a chapter event about Agenda 2030, as appropriate, to introduce them to the JBS.