Dr. Robert Henderson

Dr. Robert Henderson

Robert W. Henderson, P.D., N.D., is Chairman of the Board of Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. and Nutramax Manufacturing, Inc. He is a member of the Maryland Pharmacists Association, American Pharmaceutical Association, and American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. He received his B.S. in pharmacy from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, his P.D. from the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association, and his N.D. from Bernadean University.

Nutramax Laboratories holds numerous Patents worldwide and its products can be found in many developed countries. Nutramax Laboratories is active in research and development. In 2009 it was ranked the 6th largest Bioscience firm in the Baltimore area. Nutramax Laboratories has both Consumer Health and Animal Health divisions that provide high quality Nutraceuticals.

The products are manufactured in Edgewood, MD by Nutramax Manufacturing following the high standards required by the FDA for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Additionally, Nutramax Agriculture, Inc. markets environmentally friendly biofertilizers for the turf industry with applications for fruit and vegetable growers.

Robert started his career with Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company, but left to help his father operate Henderson‘s Pharmacy in Baltimore. After his dad retired, Robert sold the pharmacy and began to focus on the nutritional approach to health care and was innovative in some of the nutrition and diet recommendations now suggested to reduce the risk of cancer. In 1992 he developed and patented the combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate with the introduction of Cosamin for humans and Cosequin for animals which has changed the way many physicians treat osteoarthritis. He holds no less than six patents.

In addition to his duties at Nutramax Laboratories, he serves on the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy Advisory Board and the Harford Christian School Educational Foundation. His most important roles are dad, granddad and husband while being a part-time farmer on God‘s Blessing Farm.