Leah Southwell

Leah Southwell
JBS Field Coordinator
National Speaker - Available for in-person events and webinars.


Anarchy: An Eyewitness Account

Through a military coup in Chile in 1973, a Socialist/Communist president was removed and Marxism was successfully suppressed. Free market economics were introduced and Chile became the world’s “Economic Miracle” and considered the best in Latin America. Then last October society suddenly erupted in violent protest, burning, looting and fighting with the police and even triggering a state of emergency, bringing out the military to the streets of Santiago, and lasting months. We recently saw something similar happening here. What are the commonalities? Although the spark was different the underlying causes are the same. What is happening in the world today and why?

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Leah Southwell was an eyewitness to this event and the seven years leading up to this. As an American having lived in Holland for 10 years and now 7 years in Chile she has some interesting cultural observations as possible reasons and explanations. As a JBS staff member, she has a deep understanding of the enemy we are facing and the solutions.

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