Mary-Mark Haggard

Mary-Mark Haggard
National Speaker


The Poisoned Apple of Inflation

In 1913, a group of very rich, very powerful men met in secret on an island off the coast of the state of Georgia. Their plan: Create a national bank that not only produced the nation’s money, but controlled its interest rate. It would be sold to the public as the solution to stock market crashes and depressions. In reality, it was an inflationary mechanism designed to make them even richer, which we have been the victims of ever since. Join economics scholar Mary-Mark Haggard for an in-depth examination of the Federal Reserve and its detrimental effects on our economy, and what we can do to end the Fed.

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Mary-Mark Haggard was born in Chicago. At the age of seven, her family landed in L.A. and she was raised in the Hollywood/Los Feliz area. In High School, she attended Free Enterprise seminars and classes on Saturdays and in the evening. She went on to earn a degree in Economics from UCLA.

After college, she was a professional model and dancer until she started having children. Once her oldest was three, she began educating him. Then she proceeded to home school her six children all the way through high school. She homeschooled for 30 years. They have all gone to Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California; the first five have graduated and the youngest is a sophomore.

During her years of homeschooling she often taught classes to other homeschooled students – sometimes art, sometimes sciences, sometimes dance, and of course economics. She also produced and directed plays. She still fixes the hair for the actors in a Shakespearean group at a small private school.

Through all her years of child-rearing, she never stopped reading and listening to works on economics and our government in general. Her other interest going back 40 years is studying the Middle Ages. Thirteen years ago she was asked to teach economics to a home school group and currently has about 60 online students all over the country in Government/Economics and Medieval History. In the last few years, she says she has finally gotten her act together and has taken it on the road. She has spoken to Republican clubs, other patriotic groups and in private homes mostly on the Federal Reserve and inflation. She has more speeches lined up.

She loves to share her passion by teaching and speaking.

Mary-Mark Haggard holds a degree in Economics from UCLA. She began home-schooling with her first child, and now teaches online courses in economics, government and medieval history to students all over the country. In conjunction with teaching, she travels the country speaking on the Federal Reserve and Inflation.