Robert Brown

Robert Brown
Constitutional Expert
National Speaker available for in-person events and webinars.


The Harsh Reality of a “Convention of States”

Robert Brown shows what Mark Meckler of Convention of States (COS) says about an Article V convention and thoroughly debunks his false statements by examining the historical evidence and offers a $10,000 challenge to Meckler and COS. Brown concludes examining how a convention would look like if it were held today.

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Nullification: The Rightful Remedy

Many people are clamoring for an Article V convention to rein in big government. However, such a convention would result in changing the Constitution and risk removing many of its limitations on government power. But is our problem with big government due to a flaw in the Constitution — or a flaw in the politicians? Nullification, the constitutionally-prescribed practice of ignoring unconstitutional “laws,” is the key to reining in big government, not an Article V convention.

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Robert Brown has served as a field coordinator and regional field director for The John Birch Society, and today is a national spokesman on constitutional issues. He is best known for his lectures on the Constitution. He has produced six of his lectures as a video series known as “The Constitution is the Solution”, which has gained popularity nationwide.

After viewing just two of these lectures, a constitutional attorney from New Jersey said:

“I studied Constitutional law under one of the most outstanding Constitutional lawyers/law professors in America, and I have learned more from the two DVD’s that I saw than I did from the professor.”

Mr. Brown lives in Utah with his wife and children. A popular constitutional speaker, he has lectured for many liberty-minded organizations throughout the country, testified as an expert witness on constitutional issues before numerous state legislatures, and has been a guest on many radio and television programs.

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