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JBS Analysis is a John Birch Society podcast that presents the scoop behind the news. Host Bill Hahn, the CEO of JBS, uses his extensive knowledge of the anti-American agenda to help listeners understand what the news really means and how they can become involved in restoring the country they love. Bill Hahn is the CEO of The John Birch Society, the patriotic organization that has been warning of incoming socialist tyranny for 60+ years. Under Hahn, the JBS has experienced exponential growth, as Americans are joining the effort to thwart the globalists’ plans to destroy America. Watch it on Video

Blocking Biden’s COVID Tyranny | JBS News Analysis

September 10, 2021 Episode

Did you watch President Biden’s speech on his COVID-19 Action Plan?  If you’re not mad and motivated to do something, then you might want to check your pulse for signs of life.  The President is operating outside of his limitations, upending the very foundations of the Republic. We’ll tell you how to constitutionally fight back in this episode of Analysis Behind the News, where we provide the perspective and the plan to save American liberty and independence.


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