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Globalists Propose Great Climate Reset to Battle Natural Climate Changes | JBS News Analysis

November 3, 2021 Episode

While the world watched President Joe Biden drift off to sleep at a global climate change conference, any sense of laughter was cut short by the President apologizing for the U.S. leaving the Paris Climate Agreement.

Plus, his newly announced emergency plan will utilize the full weight of the federal government to address “the increasing impacts of the global climate crisis in order to enhance global stability.” Read that as we’re going to be spending billions of dollars every year overseas with money we don’t have to help those that don’t want our help to combat a problem that doesn’t exist all in the name of resetting society that eradicates your liberties and freedom.

We’ll look at the coming global tyranny if the leaders of COP26 get their way in today’s Analysis Behind the News, where we provide the perspective and the plan to save American liberty and independence.

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