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JBS Analysis is a John Birch Society podcast that presents the scoop behind the news. Host Bill Hahn, the CEO of JBS, uses his extensive knowledge of the anti-American agenda to help listeners understand what the news really means and how they can become involved in restoring the country they love. Bill Hahn is the CEO of The John Birch Society, the patriotic organization that has been warning of incoming socialist tyranny for 60+ years. Under Hahn, the JBS has experienced exponential growth, as Americans are joining the effort to thwart the globalists’ plans to destroy America. Watch it on Video

Russian Invasion Fuels The New World Order

April 12, 2022 Episode

As the Russian invasion drags on, its results reveal much about the machinations of global players. Stay tuned to some of the more shocking revelations we’ve dug up, and before you go, tell Congress to get out of NATO. Click on the link below: