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Communist Tactics Smoke Out Opposition Leadership | JBS News Analysis

August 16, 2022 Episode

The raid on Trump’s resort shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. As was pointed out by the once-anonymous editorial in the New York Times from a self-proclaimed member of the Deep State or steady state, “There is a quiet resistance within the administration ….”

And let’s not forget Hillary Clinton’s and Joe Biden’s encouragement to like-minded opposition within the DC-beltway bureaucracy when Trump was first elected. Biden said, ‘Please stay, please stay. There has to be some competence and normalcy.’

Hillary said, “Stick it out, stick it out, because the tide has to turn.”

Looking at the America the Biden administration has created, the tide certainly did turn and this is their normalcy. The quiet resistance has become a full-blown scream of hysteria.

We’ll focus on this and offer solutions in this episode, including what you can do right now. Please be sure to take the recommended actions in the video description and of course, to like, subscribe, and share this information with others on your social media platforms.

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