Anarchy & America

Anarchy & America by the John Birch Society
Anarchy & America exposes the tactics used by communists and radicals to incite civil unrest for the purpose of destroying America and ushering in global collectivism. In each episode, Host Christian Gomez discusses a specific subversive strategy with an expert guest. Christian Gomez is the research project manager at The John Birch Society. Watch it on Video

Create Semblance of Revolution: Fake Collapse of Communism | Anarchy & America

January 2, 2022 Episode

Christian Gomez interviews anticommunist researcher and activist “Jimmy from Brooklyn,” who exposes how the supposed “Sino-Soviet Split” during the Cold War, combined with the Communist Party’s organized All-People’s Front/ United Front, and their exploitation of race are all interlocking parts of a well-coordinated, long-range, and ongoing strategy for world revolution and the eventual triumph of Marxism-Leninism. 


1.) Watch Overview of America

2.) Study the Enemy; Purchase and Read “The Communist Manifesto”

3.) Know the Enemy’s Plan; Purchase and Read “New Lies for Old”