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Anarchy & America by the John Birch Society
Anarchy & America exposes the tactics used by communists and radicals to incite civil unrest for the purpose of destroying America and ushering in global collectivism. In each episode, Host Christian Gomez discusses a specific subversive strategy with an expert guest. Christian Gomez is the research project manager at The John Birch Society. Watch it on Video

Historic Leaders | MLK: Radical Ties| Anarchy & America

October 18, 2021 Episode

Originally aired January 18, 2021. In this special historical edition of Anarchy & America, host Christian Gomez interviews John F. McManus, the President Emeritus of The John Birch Society, about Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his radical ties to members of the Communist Party USA. McManus also discusses how Julia Brown, a Black anticommunist, worked to expose Dr. King.


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