Anarchy & America

Anarchy & America by the John Birch Society
Anarchy & America exposes the tactics used by communists and radicals to incite civil unrest for the purpose of destroying America and ushering in global collectivism. In each episode, Host Christian Gomez discusses a specific subversive strategy with an expert guest. Christian Gomez is the research project manager at The John Birch Society. Watch it on Video

Semblance of Revolution | Behind the Chaos

August 9, 2021 Episode

Originally aired November 9, 2020. Christian Gomez interviews William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American, about how communist agitators use anarchy and violence to create the semblance of revolution. Jasper delves into the Marxist and communist ties of BLM and its founders. Jasper further details how communist groups, under the banner of “self-determination” and “national liberation,” have brought back radical plans for establishing a separatist sovereign Black communist nation in America’s Black Belt region.


1.) Obtain copies of the November 9, 2020 issue of The New American

2.) Read “America’s Most Dangerous Communists: Freedom Road Socialist Organization” by Trevor Loudon in the Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation’s Intelligence brief