Myths vs. Facts

Myths vs. Facts by the John Birch Society

Myths VS Facts is a 40-episode series that may result in your knowing that not all of your heroes were really heroes. It includes history that has been purged from history books. Host Art Thompson cites his highly researched five-pound tome, “To The Victor Go The Myths & Monuments” as the basis for each episode.

Art Thompson is the former CEO of The John Birch Society. He is the author of several books that detail the globalists' threats and plans to individual liberties and national sovereignty.

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2 Republican Parties | Myths VS Facts

November 12, 2021 Episode

Originally aired on October 9, 2018. In episode 20 of Myths VS Facts Art Thompson discusses how the Jacobin influence set the stage for America and it political parties. Find out why they want American to move from a republican system in support for democracy.


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