Stopping the Greatest Threat to Humanity—the Conspiracy

Nothing sells freedom like tyranny.  The tyranny leveled against Americans over the last two years has awakened millions who didn’t think it could happen here.  This episode of Freedom is the Cure focuses on the growing popularity of freedom and the need to ensure that Americans’ passion is channeled in a way that aims at the root of the problem, the Conspiracy, the powerful international network working to destroy America and plunge the world into tyranny. Paul talks with JBS coordinators who work on the grassroots level about how to create long-lasting changes.

Resources & Action Items to Combat the Threat

Watch Exposing The Enemies of Freedom video

Learn all about the Conspiracy with the ultimate primer: Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes

Stay atop of the most critical news and analysis with The New American magazine

Know the Constitution with the Constitution is the Solution series

Learn about the Convention of States threat

Support your local police and keep them independent

Be part of the campaign to save our children from public schools

Know who your representatives really are with the Congressional Scorecard

Join the JBS in our epic undertaking to restore liberty

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