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Raising the Debt Ceiling Doesn’t Restore Fiscal Sanity | JBS News Analysis

May 25, 2023 Episode

As the world big wigs return home from the secretive Bilderberg Group meeting in Portugal last week, Congress and Biden are locked into a battle over federal spending. It’s all the same old tired arguments of raising the debt limit, but one thing that Congress and the federal government as a whole has done well and that is to avoid accountability. Let the hard decisions be left to future sessions of Congress, seems to be the goal.

Yet, there is so much more to this than whether or not the US “defaults on its debts or obligations,” as we keep hearing. We’ll offer some constitutional and common sense perspective on this unsustainable, wild spending ride that is much worse than it appears. Of course, we’ll also offer solutions and how you can help in this episode of Analysis Behind the News.

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