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Activate America by the John Birch Society

Activate America is a John Birch Society podcast hosted by JBS former CEO Art Thompson. Art, who has spent most of his life speaking and writing on the anti-American agenda, shares with listeners how they can stop the enemy from destroying America.

Art Thompson served as the CEO of JBS for 15 years. He is a frequent speaker and the author of several in-depth books that detail the threats to liberty, including China: The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America, In the Shadow of the Deep State, and To the Victor Go the Myths & Monuments.

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Stupidity or Conspiracy? | Activate America

November 16, 2021 Episode

There’s a saying in politics, “Nothing happens by accident.  If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”.  President Biden’s record illustrates this.  It’s not stupidity and it’s not an accident.  Watch what he’s doing.

Look at his policies on Afghanistan, oil, immigration and trillions of dollars spent on infrastructure.  Each policy is giving up more of our sovereignty. President Biden is moving America toward a socialist then communist country under the banner of the United Nations.  Join Arthur R. Thompson as he examines Biden’s record and why he’s doing it.


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