Activate America

Activate America by the John Birch Society

Activate America is a John Birch Society podcast hosted by JBS former CEO Art Thompson. Art, who has spent most of his life speaking and writing on the anti-American agenda, shares with listeners how they can stop the enemy from destroying America.

Art Thompson served as the CEO of JBS for 15 years. He is a frequent speaker and the author of several in-depth books that detail the threats to liberty, including China: The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America, In the Shadow of the Deep State, and To the Victor Go the Myths & Monuments.

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The Left Demonizes the Right! | Activate America

September 15, 2021 Episode

The Left keeps pushing, hoping to get Conservatives to react verbally in the media or even worse, physically.  When they do react, the media demonizes them as extremists.  Remember the McCloskeys from St. Louis, who waved guns at protestors who were on their property?

Watch Activate America to learn how education and organization, instead of reaction, is the way to go.


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