Freedom is the Cure

Freedom is the Cure by the John Birch Society
How can patriotic Americans make their country freer and more sovereign? In this podcast, John Birch Society's Paul Dragu and guests discuss the issues that threaten liberty and prosperity and their correlative liberty-oriented solutions. The John Birch Society has been warning of incoming collectivist tyranny for decades. Since 1958, the JBS has published a treasure trove of material detailing who and what are working to destroy the U.S. Even adversaries recognize the JBS as an influential heavyweight, one having dubbed the organization as the “intellectual seed bank of the right.” JBS works to reduce the size of government and inspire more personal responsibility. Paul Dragu is the communications director for The John Birch Society, an award-winning investigative journalist, and the collaborative writer of “Defector: A True Story of Tyranny, Liberty and Purpose.” Having spent the first half of his childhood in communist Romania, Paul is passionate about warning fellow Americans about the dangers of collectivism.

The Silver Linings of COVID Mania

September 22, 2021 Episode

COVID mania is the illogical and hysteric reaction the world has taken to a treatable disease with a very low mortality rate. Could anything good result from it? In this episode, Paul, Wayne Morrow and Peter Rykowski discuss how COVID mania highlighted three issues that existed before 2020 —  overpowerful bureaucrats, election integrity, and public-school indoctrination — and how improvements have already begun.

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