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Ukraine Benefits Biden? | JBS News Analysis

February 8, 2022 Episode

Last week the Biden administration ordered at least 3,000 American troops to deploy to eastern Europe to help defend allies.  Although, these troops won’t be fighting in Ukraine, we’re told.  Doesn’t this sound an awful lot like the rhetoric that led up to the Vietnam War?  No American troops will be in Vietnam, but only American advisers.  Right—So when your presidential administration policies are tanking, along with your poll numbers, what do you do to make up for some lost ground?  How about start a war?  Perhaps kill so-called terrorists in Syria to “protect the American people”?  Wouldn’t that be just what you need to pull the country together and make the President look like a stronger leader, overcoming his negative polling?

We’ll take a look at this possibility in today’s Analysis Behind the News, where we provide the perspective and the plan to save American freedom and independence.

  1. Contact Congress and tell them to Get Us Out of the UN.
  2. Contact Congress and tell them to Stop War, get us out of NATO.
  3. Read and distribute Russia vs. Ukraine: Is It Our Fight?
    Read: Russia vs. Ukraine: Is It Our Fight?
    Distribute: Russia vs. Ukraine: Is It Our Fight?
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