NEW SPEAKER!! – Dr. Douglas G. Frank

NEW SPEAKER!! – Dr. Douglas G. Frank
Election Integrity Expert
National Speaker available for in-person events and webinars.


Seven Steps to Take Back Our Elections

Dr. Frank has been working with hundreds of grassroots county groups across our nation to restore integrity in our elections. He explains to various groups why we have lost our elections and what it will take to restore them. He is clear that a legislative fix will not restore our elections and that a county-level effort is needed. After presenting, if a committed team can be assembled, he will continue to work with them to help achieve integrity where you are!

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Dr. Frank is available for in-person events and webinars.

Douglas G. Frank is a world-renowned physicist with sixty peer-reviewed scientific publications, including cover and feature articles in the world’s leading scientific journals. His Ph.D. is in surface-electroanalytical chemistry, which combines chemistry and physics techniques for the manipulation and analysis of molecules on surfaces. He left academia in 1996, and has since done extensive consulting, inventing, and technical manufacturing, including building electron microscopes, laser scanners, and precision manufacturing and control devices.

He is internationally known for his contributions to the bowling sport and manufacturing industry and helped to establish a special school for extraordinarily gifted youngsters near Cincinnati, Ohio, where he served as the Math & Science department chair for 25 years.

Dr. Frank was featured in two of Mike Lindell’s documentaries (“Scientific Proof” and “Absolute Inference”) because he discovered several of the algorithms being employed to manipulate our elections.

Since December 2020, Dr. Frank has been working for election reform with grassroots teams in over forty states. He’s met in person with secretaries of state, attorneys general, dozens of legislators, and hundreds of local election officials, and is widely known for his informative and engaging presentations.