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Activate America by the John Birch Society

Activate America is a John Birch Society podcast hosted by JBS former CEO Art Thompson. Art, who has spent most of his life speaking and writing on the anti-American agenda, shares with listeners how they can stop the enemy from destroying America.

Art Thompson served as the CEO of JBS for 15 years. He is a frequent speaker and the author of several in-depth books that detail the threats to liberty, including China: The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America, In the Shadow of the Deep State, and To the Victor Go the Myths & Monuments.

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Are You Honoring Your Oath? | Activate America

November 2, 2021 Episode

For this week’s Activate America, Art talks about the importance of swearing an oath to the Constitution. For those who have served in the military or in public service, taking an oath to the Constitution is a requirement. Some may think that this oath only applies to the time they’re in service. But, did you know that this oath is not supposed to be temporary?

Defending the Constitution is a verb. It’s an action, not simply a ceremony saying that you are a loyal citizen. It implies you will actually engage in the defense of our Constitution. We kindly ask, please watch and share this video with others because defending the Constitution is the only way to save our country.

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