Activate America

Activate America by the John Birch Society

Activate America is a John Birch Society podcast hosted by JBS former CEO Art Thompson. Art, who has spent most of his life speaking and writing on the anti-American agenda, shares with listeners how they can stop the enemy from destroying America.

Art Thompson served as the CEO of JBS for 15 years. He is a frequent speaker and the author of several in-depth books that detail the threats to liberty, including China: The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America, In the Shadow of the Deep State, and To the Victor Go the Myths & Monuments.

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Oxford’s Eroding America

October 11, 2022 Episode

Publications, such as Oxford, have the ability to create a change in society’s thinking. Do you know the original definition of inflation? Or the difference between a Republic and a Constitutional Democracy? Find out how modifying the meaning of a word can have a direct impact on political matters.

Watch this episode to get some definitive answers and understand what’s really going on.

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